Art Direction & Design


A minimalist and provocative creative providing

3D Graphic Design & Art Direction for brands, agencies and individuals.


Ian Henry Simmonds

“Having small touches of colour makes it more colourful than having the whole thing in colour.” - Dieter Rams

“I get obsessed by little nerdy things in my corner that no one else is interested in.” - Bjork

“Automation is Deadly” - Jenny Holzer, Truisms


Holding a degree in Menswear Tailoring, I have spent a majority of my career obsessively learning skill after skill, teaching myself graphic design, typography, photography and 3D design among others. Aiming to be a well rounded design polymath whilst looking to debunk the adage that you can’t be a master of all trades.

These skills combined with a love of story telling and building engaging presentation materials led me to Director roles in my previous two jobs, where I have collaborated with, and set briefs for all creative fields from photographers to copywriters.

I utilise three dimensional design through much of my creative process from drafting to execution of product renders and elements for presentations. I strongly believe in using design software for the unexpected, for example, After Effects for graphic treatments or Cinema 4D for macro photography tests.

For me, having time to explore, experiment and essentially make creative mistakes is the most important part of the design process.





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